D’Hijrah founder Diah Hussain and it’s co-founders, Sofia Aziz and Liza Sabrain, a group of three beautiful businesswoman went on a spiritual journey to Mecca for umrah recently. Being a business-orientated women it’s needless to say their love for fashion, always passionate to looking good and elegant but most importantly comfortable. Along the way of this blessed journey and the change of lifestyle ‘berhijrah ke Jalan Allah’, they became aware of how difficult it was to find muslimah clothings that are light and casual, so they decided to set up their own label and design their first of many product. D’Hijrah, also known as DH, a team full of Vision and Purpose.Creating all that you need in a glorious box with love and special touches specially for muslimah. It’s Mission is to evolve and develop modern and stylish khimars & Jubahs fashion, making muslimah apparel even more delicate and pleasant to wear.